Just in case you aren’t sure about who I am, here are some testimonials from others, good and bad.

“Duke hates you because you smell bad.” – Andy Jones, on Shinxy

“You’re an odd-bod, that’s for sure.” – Shinxy’s ex-psychiatrist, on Shinxy

“Fuck off, you crazy crackwhore. I never want to see you again.” Tom Purss, no idea what he was on about, but apparently something about Shinxy

“Don’t make fun of the most beautiful thing I see every day.” – Painkiller, on Shinxy saying she’s fat

“Saying she’s cute is like saying you’re mentally cute.” – Mewtwo, on Shinxy’s brain

“It’s not snobbery if you really are better than everyone.” – Shinxy’s mum, on Shinxy’s attitude ‘problem’

“We’re attractive!” – Painkiller, on Shinxy and himself

Feel free to add your own 🙂


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