Uninspired, Generic Page

“I think that in every person, there is a large capacity for them to hate me.” – Shinxy, 2010

Shinxy is a barely 21 year old chronic student of Philosophy and the world. She enjoys being on radio, playing Pokemon, and being all ’round metal.

She has so many diagnoses that she can’t remember them all unless there’s a DSM handy.

She is in the top percentile for Abstract Reasoning but in the bottom percentile for making conversation.

Shinxy has been accused of being like Hitler; however, she is proud to say that she has never been compared to Stalin.


2 responses to “Uninspired, Generic Page

  • bardamu84

    WHAO I thought I wrote that, except I’m a man of 26 ! But I did 8 year of philosophy in college, love your quote, I have been diagnosed many times too, I can’t recall all of them I guess I’ll have to download a DSM on my kindle.

    Yeah HItler, one tried the comparaison too, but he didn’t finish his sentence, I’m surrounded by idiots so they’re is no worry about a comparaison to Staline for me, they don’t even know Tolstoy.

  • Ramblings of a Singleton

    Could you email me at confessionsofasingleton@gmail.com? I have a proposal for you about a guest post over on my blog. It’s regarding a comment you made recently on a 20SB thread. Thanks.

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